Publishing for Mobility

Our iPhone application frameworks allow your company to focus on the user experience and content creation. Modoku provides a publishing perspective to the application development process.


Modoku provides adaptable frameworks that allows you to publish content for your mobile customers. Create catalogs, magazines, brochures, and product literature—in new and effective ways. Use video or music to seamlessly enhance your images and text. Or embed feeds, Web links, and social media to make formerly unidirectional content interactive. We create tools for enhancing your workflow for these new possibilities.


Having a presence in the world of mobile media is an essential requirement for today’s customers. Mobility communicates that your brand is forward-looking, convenient, and ready to meet their evolving needs. Whether it is an application or refinements to web methodologies matching new device capabilities, Modoku is able to provide front- and back-end resources to simplify your processes.

Modoku understands that mobile is an entirely new media channel, demanding a new set of product solutions that are simple, sophisticated, and focused. That’s why we developed a way for you to deliver these products now, without starting at the beginning.

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